Tell us about you and your skills.

What happens next?

Your details will be added to our database of people looking to join teams to develop new businesses. When a person with a new idea needs a team they will search our database for people with the relevant skills and experience to support them. If they think you are suitable, you will be invited to join the team.

At this point you will receive all the details of the business idea, be given a brief on what you would be required to do for the team and given an offer that shows how much you would earn now, when the business gets revenue and what your ownership stake in the business would be.

The idea behind Sweat Equity Club is that you are an owner of the business you help build. That means you will put in effort now to be rewarded in the future.

Sit tight and we will come back to you when we have some opportunities for you. If you have friends who you think would also benefit from joining the network, or have ideas they could bring to the table, please tell them about us.