Tell us about you and your idea.

Your idea will be treated as completely confidential and will not be shared with anyone other than our selection team without your permission. We will time stamp every submission so if similar ideas are submitted we can give preference to the earliest submission.

What happens next?

Your idea will be reviewed by our submissions team and if we think it has merit we will contact you about the next steps. At this point we will work with you to create a project outline, detailing the next steps to be taken, the team skills you would need in order to bring it to life and write a brief for the team to recruit people from the network.

Before anything is shared, we will work with you to agree the commercial terms of putting your idea together. That involves agreeing the % split of ownership of the business for each member of your team and of course yourself.

The objective of the Sweat Equity Club is to help people with great ideas but limited access to a network bring their ideas to life and reap the rewards of their effort in conjunction with the team they build. We are hoping that through this initiative we can help people help themselves in these tough times.