About Sweat Equity Club

We are going through challenging times and many people have found their regular source of income disrupted by the unprecedented pandemic we are all facing. The Sweat Equity Club aims to match people with skills with people with ideas, to together turn ideas into action and hopefully generate future income for all involved.

The people with ideas don’t have cash to pay salaries right now, but in return for your efforts you will get an equity stake and be fairly paid for your work when the business is generating revenue. Yes there is a risk that your effort wont generate any reward, but we believe that risk is better than doing nothing at all.

If that aligns with your way of thinking, then join us and lets see if we can create some good from this terrible situation.

I have ideas.

We are looking for ideas for businesses that we can help you build a team around and bring to life.

You don’t need to know how to run a business or even create the idea you have, we can join you with people that can put that together for you, we just need great ideas that will inspire people.

So tell us about your idea and let’s see if we can bring it to life.

I have skills.

We need a broad range of skills across a range of categories and experiences to bring ideas to life and everyone has a skill they can bring to the table.

We are looking at creating ideas from scratch here, so whether you can make things, sell things, market things, or design things. Advise on legals or processes, work out the pricing and accounting, or help people work effectively together, tell us about your self and what you bring and we will see if we can join you to a team.